Purfect Monday #musicalmornings

It’s Monday, Oct. 7.

Today, the 4Score team’s taking a listen to the Original Broadway cast recording of Cats - ALW’s stupendous musical based on the poems in T.S. Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.

It’s such a fun and furry way to start the week.

Full of synthy and orchestral flavours that we honestly can’t get enough of- this album is a real-time capsule in Broadway musical history.

The original Broadway production opened on this day (Oct. 7) in 1982. How cool is that!?

Take a listen.

Btw- Memory is sung on this album by Elaine Paige who originally played the role in the London Production.

If you like the Memory ballad, but want to hear a very unique take on it (by one of 4Score’s favourite female vocalists) play the video attached of Laurie Beechman’s ‘97 rendition. It’s from when she took over the role of Grizabella- over 15 years into the show’s lengthly run!


Checkmate! #musicalmornings

Happy Thursday morning!

Up for a game? Today, we’re listening to the original concept recording of Chess.

It’s become a bit of a 1980’s rock musical gem! With tunes by Benny and Bjorn from Abba (that’s right- ABBA), and lyrics by Tim Rice (Lloyd Webber’s right- hand man) the show packs a punch. The plot is centred around a world chess championship match taking place at the height of the cold war. Political, to say the LEAST!

The writing team created this concept album in the early ’80s before mounting the show in London (and later Broadway and beyond). It’s got some cold and synthy characteristics! Definitely worth a listen.

Did you know that numbers like The Arbiter, Nobody’s Side, and One Night In Bangkok became top- chart pop hits before the show even opened? They’ve since been covered by famous artists worldwide. Anthem still remains one of the best musical theatre ballads out there.

The show had a tough time getting off the ground. It was a modest hit in London and Australia and a bit of a flop on Broadway. It has done really well internationally, touring Europe and Asia. One of the most successful productions was a 2002 revival in Sweden that was staged more like an Opera as opposed to a musical. The show played at the Cirkus Theatre and was filmed for DVD release.

We’d love to see this piece get revived and reworked in North America! The score is beautiful, but the book has always been a challenge. Does anyone have any ideas? Let us know!

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We've done it, folks! The 4Score musical Blogspot is live.

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