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Milo's World
A New Musical Song Cycle
Coming October 22, 2021 

4Score Productions and On Its Way Musical Productions are teaming up to produce a new musical song cycle!

In the piece, we journey into the mind of Milo the sculpture artist, who sits at her desk, lacking the inspiration necessary to create her final piece. When a phone call with her agent goes sideways and a buyer gets upset, Milo must create a new piece from scratch in less than an hour or lose out on her commission. She locks herself in her studio, takes a sip of a drink, and tries to open up her mind to the objects, sights, and sounds around her. Over the course of the show, her desperation for an idea bring the objects and art around her into focus. They come to life to tell tales and present ideas through songs. But as each minute slips away, Milo struggles to create her piece as the stories get darker and more perplexing, ultimately leading towards the creation of something strange and unexpected...

Creative Team and Cast


Sean Yauk - Composer and Lyricist 

William Li - Arranger and audio producer


Shannon Murtagh - Director


Athena So - Music Director 


Jade Silman - Dramaturg


Creighton Thicke Rattray - Promotions & Publicity


Luke Peters - Videographer


Elizabeth Furlano - Stage Manager 

Lydia Claire Wilton - Recording Engineer 

Sam Deeth - Audio Mixing and Mastering Engineer 


Catherine Zanon - Track 1

Kryslyne Mai- acheta - Track 2

Alecia Pagnotta - Track 3

Kaitlyn Stollery - Track 4

Evan Sokolowski - Track 5