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An Outdoor Musical Installation at 462 Wellington Street West, Toronto

JUL 9 - AUG 21, 2021 (Closed)

Part of The Musical Stage Company's  Musical Moments 2021

In the Summer of 2021, our Managing Artistic Director Sean Yauk produced a curious outdoor musical installation inspired by music and text from The Secret Garden. With support from the Musical Stage Company, the installation will occured 5 times throughout the summer. It was hosted in a front garden outside of 462 Wellington Street West in Toronto, just off of the sidewalk, totally free to passersbys to enjoy from a safe distance!

A group of talented actors and musicians from Toronto invented and presented this curious musical installation. Fusing spoken word poetry with a curated set of re-imagined acoustic covers of songs from the show, the piece sought to superimpose musical storytelling about nature and rebirth within a commercial urban greenspace! 

The most precious things in life take work and patience - a push and pull by which anything can grow.

(Katherine Cappellacci- Director)


A MOMENT IN THE (SECRET) GARDEN. Photo by Dahlia Katz.
Looking down along a sidewalk, dozens of pedestrians are stopped and gathered on the sidewalk, parkette and curb, all looking into the small outdoor concert in a the garden. Multiple audience members are seated on the curbs, with some of them wearing masks.


A MOMENT IN THE (SECRET) GARDEN. Photo by Dahlia Katz.
Artists William Li (guitar) and Kryslyne Mai-ancheta (vocalist) are performing in the outdoor garden concert, green foliage surrounding them.


Thu., June 24, 2021

Toronto Star - Announcing Musical Stage Company's 2021 Summer/Fall Lineup of Musical Projects including A Moment in the (Secret) Garden

July 22, 2021

Now Toronto article by Glenn Sumi covering the first public performance of 'Moment in the (Secret) Garden.'

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Producer, musician

Sean is an arts manager, theatre producer, composer, and musician based in Toronto, Canada. He studied politics, music theory, and arts administration, and constantly seeks to fuse these three things together through his pursuits. Sean has written the scores for many different concept albums and musicals. What he enjoys most is finding ways to connect audiences with music-oriented storytelling projects!

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Director, vocalist

Katherine is an actor, writer, and singer. Born and raised in Toronto, she has a BFA from X University and has worked in theatres across Ontario. Recent credits include performances with EmerGENce Theatre, Tweed & Co., and Globus Theatre. A nature and travel enthusiast, Katherine constantly tries to infuse her work with a sense of connection - to oneself, to community, to the Earth.

William Li.png


Arranger, musician

Will (BMus Hons. Composition) is a producer, arranger/composer, recording artist, and music director. Classically trained at a young age, Will's ability as a multi-instrumentalist presented many opportunites to collaborate with a variety of artists including Duncan Coutts (Our Lady Peace) and Byron Wong (zero11zero). He writes, records, and tours with his bands The Happiness Machine and Nameless Friends. Theatre Music Direction and Keyboardist credits include The Grand Theatre, The Charlottetown Festival, Original Kids Theatre Co, Musical Theatre Productions, Allswell Productions, and On Its Way Productions.




Kryslyne-Mai Ancheta is a Toronto-based actor, singer and guitarist. She is a recent
graduate from York University for Classical Voice Performance. With adoration for original work, Kryslyne is an active member within musicals during the Fringe Festivals and hopes to inspire and challenge the norms of Musical Theatre. After a long year without live music, Kryslyne is excited to collaborate with this team of artists to bring musical storytelling back onto the streets of Toronto.

Sophie Koehn.jpeg


Designer, Assistant Producer, Site Manager

Sophie is a theatrical designer and event professional with an interest in theatre, film, and music. Based in Toronto, Sophie has planned dozens of unique corporate events and conferences. She has also designed, produced, and directed many experiential musical theatre works! She seeks to bring balanced design to unique performance spaces.




Lydia is a GTA - based musician, music producer, recording engineer, and PhD candidate at Western University. She is also known as Number One, powerhouse frontman of rock band Nameless Friends. A Musical Moment in the Secret Garden marks Lydia’s first involvement with a  Musical Stage Company initiative, and she is thrilled to be a part of live music’s return to the city of Toronto.



Sound Designer

Sam is a multi-instrumentalist musician and sound engineer. He is also known as the lead guitar player of rock band Nameless Friends. Sam is excited to be working on a Musical Stage Company MUSICAL MOMENTS initiative; A Musical Moment in the Secret Garden, exploring urban soundscapes in downtown Toronto.