Our First Musical Moment in the (Secret) Garden Show

The return of live performance has begun!

This past Friday, July 9, we hosted our first small outdoor musical installation and acoustic performance of 'A Moment in the (Secret) Garden' outside of 462 Wellington St West.

The weather was great, and the music sounded lovely. This was the first live performance since March of 2020 for all of the artists involved! Isn't that wild? We were delighted to host over 40 socially distanced audience members for this sweet and groovy 45 minute performance.

The best part is we still have at least three more shows planned for later dates the Summer (July 23, August 6 and August 20).

The program featured folky musical covers of songs from shows like 'The Secret Garden' . It also featured original poetry written by our director Katherine.

With 2020 being a standstill year for live performing arts, this little installation will hopefully play a small part in re-emergence of music and theatre. The reactions that we witnessed from audience members at our first performance were immense. It brought so much joy to the artists involved in this project.

4Score is thankful for the support provided by the Musical Stage Company to pull off this daring outdoor initiative! Outdoor performances are a safe and accessible way for members of the public to hear live music and see live theatre.

I'm hoping that many more will join us in the garden for one of our upcoming shows. Each one starts at 7pm sharp on Friday evenings.

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